What Kind Of Fish Is Ono

If you are wondering what kind of fish is Ono, keep reading. Ono is a very large, dark-colored fish with distinctive white stripes, although it is sometimes confused with a similar opah. Ono are generally found within 50 miles of shore in shallow lagoons or reefs where they feed on squid, octopus, and crustaceans.

Although this species of fish can be eaten, its high-fat content makes it less desirable than other seafood. An Ono can weigh up to 470 pounds and measure more than 6 feet long, although the average size is closer to 4 1/2 feet. Ono typically lives for 30 years or more.

This fish is often confused with opah, another large predatory fish that has white stripes on its body and turns a reddish-pink color while it is cooked. Ono has a white stripe along its body while opah does not.

Ono live in the warm waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands, and because of their large bodies, they require a lot of food to sustain themselves.

In fact, these fish can generally eat up to 20 percent of their own body weight in food each day. Ono is particularly fond of octopus, squid, and crustaceans, but they also eat eels, crabs, and some varieties of fish.

What does Ono fish taste like?

Ono has white meat that is very similar to that of tuna. The flavor is milder than tuna but the texture is slightly firmer, making it a good option for those who do not like the stronger taste and texture of some other types of fish.

Ono can be substituted in any recipe calling for either fresh or canned tuna, as well as in most types of casseroles and other dishes that do not require a lot of chewing.

Ono is found along the shorelines near Hawaii, but it has also been imported into the United States from Australia and New Zealand.

This fish is frequently served fresh at restaurants and seafood markets on the islands, and it can be purchased canned in most stores. The average cost of an ono per pound is usually between $8 and $12, but can be as low as $6 or as high as $20 depending on the size of the fish.

Ono can be eaten raw, cooked, or baked. The meat is high in fat content and has a mild flavor that is sometimes described as being similar to that of halibut.

This species of fish is not considered to be one of the larger catches in Hawaii, but it is quite common and often abundant near shore.

Is Ono A Fishy Fish

Ono is one of the most loved fish in Hawaii, and this makes it very popular among ocean fishing tours. If you ever get a chance to catch ono while deep sea fishing, then you should know that ono has an excellent flavor and firm, flaky meat.

It’s just the kind of fish that you want to catch because it can be delicious when cooked in many ways. Also, if you are planning to cook some ono at home, remember to check its freshness first before cooking it for your lunch or dinner.

A slightly brown discoloration around the edges is normal for ono, so don’t get freaked out if your fish looks like that. The scales of this kind of fish are very soft so you can just gently run it under cold water to remove them easily before cooking.

Is Ono A White Fish?

Ono is generally considered to be a white fish, although the meat from the body section tends to be darker than that from the tail.

The general coloration of this species is dark brown or black with horizontal stripes that run along its sides. These thin stripes can sometimes be difficult to see and are more obvious when the skin has been removed.

Ono is typically caught by hook and line or with traps, but it can also be speared or netted if the right conditions are present. Although ono is not considered to be a staple in the diet of many people who live outside of Hawaii, fishing for this type of fish is often considered to be a tradition.

Ono can be purchased fresh, canned, or frozen and they are generally not imported into the United States in large quantities.

What Is Another Name For Ono Fish?

The scientific name for ono is generally considered to be Oreosoma hallstromi, although it may also be classified as belonging to a broader category that includes other similar species such as jurensis and mccoskeri. These fishes are considered to belong to the family Scombridae, which also includes mackerels and tunas.

Ono is known as Wahoo in the Hawaiian language, bahaba or batagor in Tagalog, gold band fusilier or moonfish in English, huang ye in Mandarin, hvannhálsur in Icelandic, ummera or katsir in Malayalam, and Taiwan moonfish in Taiwanese.

Ono is often confused with opah, another large fish that is commonly referred to as the flesh of the sun because it turns red when cooked.

The two species may also be found swimming beside each other when they are in the same area, making it even more difficult for an inexperienced fish-eater to distinguish between them.

In some parts of Hawaii, ono is referred to as a kind of “pan-fish,” which means that it is not generally targeted by sport fishermen and can only be caught with a line.


If you want to eat some ono fish as a part of your dinner, you can try several recipes.   for instance, you can bake some ono fish with lemons or try out an oven-fried ono sandwich.

Ono is one of the most versatile fishes to eat, and the recipes are only limited by your imagination. Follow me on Fishbasics Pinterest for more fish facts and recipes.

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