Is Catfish Kosher

Most Jews have wondered is catfish kosher at one point or another. Catfish are one of the controversial kinds of seafood for kosher people. The decision to eat or not eat catfish depends on how each individual defines kosher. 

Is Catfish Kosher?

In short, no. However, that isn’t the full story. The question of whether catfish is kosher is a matter of some debate. There are opinions on both sides of the fence and it all boils down to how you define “kosher”.

Although in terms of Jewish law, this seafood is definitely not kosher, some people who keep kosher do eat catfish. The Orthodox Union certified a processing plant in Louisiana to produce catfish, and many people who keep strictly kosher will buy and eat this fish.

On the other hand, there are some who will not eat catfish at all, because it is not considered kosher. These people will only eat fish that has fins and scales.

Accordingly, catfish is not typically eaten by observant Jews at all, but some do make an exception for Louisiana farmed catfish with the OU certificate.

Do Catfish Have Fins And Scales?

Catfish are a popular fish in many parts of the world, but this question comes up often.

Most catfish have fins and scales, but some do not. Not all Jews consider catfish to be kosher. However, if they are finned and have scales, they are considered kosher even without having an official “Kosher” certification.

If the catfish is missing its scales and fins, it probably should not be eaten by Jews.

Catfish can be kosher, but there are many rules about what types of fish are kosher and which aren’t. This can vary from person to person and family to family. There isn’t an official list that all Jews follow because they all have different traditions and rules that they follow.

There are some Jews who don’t consider any fish without scales to be kosher, but this is something that they must decide for themselves.

Even if they decide this, there could be exceptions in which it would still be considered kosher if the fish has fins. This is why it’s important to know your family’s traditions.

Catfish are kosher if they have scales and fins, but there are many opinions on what is considered kosher or not.

Some Jews follow the traditions of their families while others follow specific rules set by religions. These rules are very complex and often vary from person to person.

Why Are Catfish Not Kosher?

The Torah states that the only kosher fish must have fins and scales. Catfish are not considered kosher because they do not have scales.

Some Orthodox Jews will eat catfish if it is determined to be clean, but many are careful to stay away from them due to their non-kosher status. All sea animals can be eaten besides these three: whales, shellfish, and scaleless fish.

Unfortunately, the non-scaly catfish falls into this category so it cannot be eaten by Orthodox Jewish people. Catfish belong to the order of catfish, which have a large number of different species, found all over the world.

However, only some of these catfish are kosher, and those that are not kosher cannot be eaten by a Jewish person.

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If you are a kosher person and are wondering whether catfish is kosher, the general answer is no, it is not. The reason for this is that catfish lack scales and so cannot be eaten by an Orthodox Jew.

If you are trying to discover if something has scales or not to determine its Jewishness, remember that fish must have both fins and scales.

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