What Do Angler Fish Eat

If you’re wondering what do angler fish eat you are not alone. The fish have sharp teeth and are predatory. The angler fish are carnivorous. Their diet comprises of all types of fish and sea animals that they can find in their environment.

What Do Angler Fish Eat?

Angler fish eat other fish, crustaceans, squid, shrimp, snails and other sea animals. The diet can vary depending on the location. The fish are not picky eaters and will happily fill their stomachs with what is available in the area.

The diet can also vary depending on the gender of the angler fish. Males and female angler fish have some preferences on the prey they go after.

However, when there is a shortage, they both eat what is available as well as abundant at the time.

Are Angler Fish Dangerous?

Anglerfish are dangerous. Not only are the fish vicious looking but they are also dangerous. They have big heads and sharp teeth.

The fish also have photophores that they use to lure their prey. The photophores are ball-shaped fleshy organs that dangle in front of the anglerfish’s mouth.

It attracts prey animals and fish and when they come to check what it is, the anglerfish makes its move.

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Final Thoughts

Angle Fish are some of the most interesting fish in the ocean. The majority of people find them ugly. They are also opportunistic predators. Follow me on Fishbasics Pinterest for awesome posts on everything fish.

What Do Angler Fish Eat diet

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