at what age do you need a fishing license

The answer to at what age do you need a fishing license depends on several factors. Although most states have the same age requirements, it can still differ slightly. The type of fish you intend to catch can also determine the age you need to get a license.

At What Age Do You Need A Fishing License?

You need a fishing license at the age of 16 years in the majority of the states. Some states require anglers to get fishing licenses at a younger age.

As an example, individuals are required to get a fishing and shellfishing licenses at the age of 15 in Washington.

Youth Fishing License

Some states still require youngsters aged between 12-17 years to get licenses. The licenses are required for fishing different types of fish including trout.

A youth fishing license is not required in most states. These states just issue fishing licenses to anglers at the age of 17 years.

Nonresidents Fishing Licenses

All states require that nonresidents must have valid nonresident fishing licenses. If you intend to fish in a different state, make sure you get a license in line with the laws of that state.

Saltwater, Freshwater, and Fishing Guide Licenses

Different states require different licenses for different fishing activities. In addition to considering the age and residency of the angler’s, the states also regulate the type of fish being caught.

The states regulate this through setting the official fishing season for the different types of fish. They also regulate the areas that anglers are allowed to fish.

Private Fishing

Fishing licenses are not required for any age, residents or nonresidents when fishing in private ponds.

However, if the ponds have been leased for public fishing, then fishing licenses will be required.

Fishing License Exemptions

In some states, there different groups of people that are exempt from getting fishing licenses. The groups that are exempted in most states include seniors and veterans.

However, these exemptions differ from state to state. It is safer to check teh requirements in each state instead of making assumptions.

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Final Thoughts

Getting a valid fishing license is absolutely important. You don’t want to engage in any activities that might be considered illegal.

Make sure to check the requirements for each of the states you intend to go fishing. The best place to get accurate information is through the Departments of Fish and Wildlife in each state.

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at what age do you need a fishing license by state

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