Pond Bass Fishing Tips

Pond bass fishing tips on bait, lures, rigs, and techniques to help anglers catch some fish. Pond bass fishing is the sport of catching largemouth and smallmouth bass from a man-made pond.

Pond Bass Fishing Tips

When fishing bass in a pond you can use a traditional line and hook fishing or with certain advanced setups such as fish finders, reels specially made for deep water fishing, braided super-lines, fluorocarbon fishing lines, specialized rigs, and others.

Pond Bass Fishing Rigs

If the pond where you’ll be fishing is known to have a lot of lily pads or other submerged aquatic vegetation but lacks any big bass, then try using weedless rigged soft plastics.

They give off little to no flash and can be dragged slowly through the tops of weeds or brush. If the water in your pond has a lot of small baitfish like shad or minnows, you’re going to want to slow down and concentrate your efforts on areas where the little fish are.

This is a good time to use a jig with grass shrimp, nightcrawlers, Berkley Gulp! Alive! baits or very small pieces of cut bait fished slowly near the bottom.

If you have a lot of lily pads, chances are pretty good that there is bass hiding in them. The best way to catch one of these bass is by sight fishing.

Spotting a fish and then casting your bait to it with enough slack that if they hit your lure aggressively, you’ll be able to set the hook before they can run off with it.

It’s also important to use a heavy line when fishing deeper water if you plan on dragging any kind of weight because the extra depth added to your line would otherwise cause it to break from the pressure of a bass hitting it.

Baits for Pond Bass Fishing

If you are lucky enough to have a decent population of bass in your pond but lack a lot of lily pads or other covers, then try fishing deep along the edges with jigs and plastic worms.

A great way to catch pond bass is by fishing with live bait in deeper water around points or submerged brush.

If you have an area like this in your pond, but can’t seem to get the fish to bite, try using a weedless rigged plastic worm such as an Ima Frog or a similar product.

Casting When Pond Bass Fishing

If possible, when fishing around points, try finding the closest one to the pond’s outflow. Bass tend to run away from the current and will be easier to catch if you can fish them on their way back in than if they are running towards it.

If your pond is very large, then you may be dealing with a managed fishery designed as a prime place for people to come and catch trophy bass.

These ponds are usually the most challenging to catch bass out of, but also offer a great catch and release fishing experience.

With the right setup, you can use fish finders in order to see where deep water bass are residing. Once that has been determined, you can drop your bait right in front of them and let it sit for a while.

Sometimes bass will come up and hit like normal, but many times they will attack with more force than you would expect and then just swim off without taking the lure.

This is where braided lines come in handy because if this happens all you need to do is tug the line to free your hook.

Pond bass fishing is a fun way to hone in on your casting skills, or when used for catch and release fishing, it can be a great way to get out of the house and do something with friends or family.

There are many ways to fish from a pond which makes it very versatile for people who enjoy fishing in a variety of different ways.

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Pond Bass Fishing Tips

The biggest thing to remember while pond bass fishing is that you need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Even though it’s not the deep sea, there are still many dangers present when trying to catch fish from a water source with limited visibility and things such as submerged rocks or tree branches.

One way to help increase your chances of catching bass in a pond is by using the proper equipment.

For instance, if you are fishing along weed beds or lily pads try dragging a jig or plastic worm behind you. The extra noise made from the line will attract fish in open water and they will come out to check it out.

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