Bass Fishing Tips For fall

Bass fishing tips for fall that will help you catch some bass. Let’s face it, bass fishing during the fall is probably one of the most challenging times for a fisherman. This time of year usually has some of the hardest fishing with an increased amount of pressured fish.

I would like to share some tips and tactics that we use on our guide trips to catch more bass and have better success in this challenging time of year.

Many times, I find myself starting earlier and getting on the water at least an hour before sunrise. This is not only a great tip for beginners but also works well with more experienced anglers.   

This tip is especially useful during fall. Remember even if you don’t catch anything the first time out, don’t give up.  

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

Here are some other tips that can help you recognize when bass are going to be in certain areas:

  • Bass will move into deeper water in preparation to bed down prior to winter.
  • As the day gets hotter expect bass to have a tendency of moving shallow and feed aggressively before the summer sun becomes too much.
  • When fronts approach it is not uncommon for the bass to suspend off deep breaks or other structures when those fronts pass through, they will also begin to feed aggressively to stock up for winter.
  • A windy day can be one of the best times to target deeper bass as they are very active during this time and will be on their bedding areas, which is usually around structure or off deep structure such as reefs or points.
  • Fish have a tendency of suspending more in the morning and evening hours, later in the day, I have found that they will be slightly more active than earlier.     

Fall Bass Fishing Tricks

Here are some other tactics that can increase your success this time of year:

  • Drift fishing is a great way to target suspended fish, however during the fall many times you will find them off deeper structures so it will be up to you to determine whether or not the fish are more concentrated over structure or suspended.
  • A dark-colored jig in any of the fall patterns (mummy, crawfish, etc.) can work great when fishing a rocky point with riprap in deeper water around 30 feet deep and moving off a channel break; this is a sure-fire way to catch those deep suspending bass.
  • Many types of soft plastics can be used, however, a great fall bait is the “Texas Rigged Roboworm,” which has been around for years and is one of my favorite baits because it catches bass in any condition or situation.
  • Other tackle choices that would work great this time of year would be to downsize your heavy equipment and opt for a medium-heavy or even medium action rod with 15 – 30 lb. braid, heavier line will help when you’re fishing riprap as they tend to have sharp edges and can cut your line easily.

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Fall Bass Fishing  

The best way to learn how the fish are going to react this time of year is to get out there on the water as much as possible and learn from your mistakes, once you find that perfect bait or spot then it’s up to you to put those fish in the boat!

I hope this article on bass fishing tips for fall gave you some tricks that will help you. If you love fishing follow me on Pinterest for more.

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