Winter Bass Fishing Tips

This best winter bass fishing tips will help you have success. Soo many people wonder whether you can catch any fish during winter. Most of these people believe that the bass hibernates during winter. Don’t eat much and it would be very difficult to catch them. And that they are lethargic and slow.

During summer months, the bass eats about 7 every day, however, during the cold months, the bass only eats about once per day.

Winter Fishing

It is hard to catch fish during winter even at your favorite fishing spot. This is because during the cold months about 75% of the fish that were swimming around are less active. This means that the bite is going to be slower.

 It takes a lot more work to get the fish to bite the bait, this is because the lure is presented to a smaller number of fish that are in the feeding mode.

Winter bass fishing can be very rewarding. This is because although it takes a lot more work the size of the fish at this time of the year is big.

This is the mindset that you need when going bass fishing during winter. It is going to be hard but once you make a catch, the fish will be big.

Winter Bass Fishing tips

1. Select your bait carefully

The type of bait that you choose to use during winter finishing will affect your success significantly. The bass is not aggressive, they are not hitting topwaters neither are they going after fast-moving lures.

You should therefore avoid spinnerbaits, topwater baits, and crankbaits. When trying to catch bass during the winter, you should go for bottom-hugging baits. These types of baits act similarly to dying fish and tend to stay near the bottom.

You are likely to get success with his types of bait because they mimic foliage and baitfish at this time of the year.

When the temperatures drop down to low, the foliage and the baitfish are affected more compared to the bass. They slow down significantly. So, when you’re selecting your bait make sure it imitates the actions of the type of food that the bass is going for at this time.

Best winter bass fishing baits

Examples of baits that can pay off at this time include spoons, metal baits, and blade baits. These types of baits with sink downwards and will also have a diving falling action that looks similar to that of dying baitfish.

Keep your bait at the bottom and crawl it slowly and steadily with well-timed pulls. It will look like slow-moving sculpin, crawdads, or gobies.

This is a different type of action compared to what you would see during the warmer months. When it’s hot baitfish will hop and jump and bounce around.

Another type of bait that can pay off during the cold months is deep-diving jerk baits. These types of baits float down to about 10 feet or more and remain suspended.

With this type of bait, you can give it a subtle jerk and then pause a little longer compared to what you would do during the summer months. The average pause should be about 3 to 5 minutes or longer.

If you pull too hard on jerk baits you will cause them to float to the surface. If you notice that your bait keeps floating you can use this trick that I have found to work time and again.

Just find some golfer’s tape or soldering wire and wrap it around the hook shanks. This gives the bait some weight which allows it to float slowly towards the bottom and not sink it completely.

Remember, you don’t want the bait to fall rapidly as this will cause it to look out of place during these cold months.

Winter Bass Fishing Tips and lures

2. Fish in areas off the main current

If you are fishing in rivers look for eddies and shallow areas with standing water. These types of areas warm up faster compared to the main current area.

During the winter months, these areas can get a little spark of warmth when the sun gets out. These areas get warmer and the baitfish moves into these areas and as a result, the bass follows them there.

Those couple of degrees change is all that is needed to make a difference. If you want to increase your chances of getting a bite look for these little back pockets away from the main current.

Remember the bait is trying to survive the cold winters and will be on the lookout for these warmer places.

3. Look for deeper waters in lakes

When winter bass fishing in lakes, you should always look for deeper waters. Because during the winter and cold months the water temperatures in deeper locations do not fluctuate as much. It is a little bit warmer compared to the surface temperature.

Look for bass near areas that were productive pre-spawning. Start by looking at about 15 to 20 feet deep and you can go deeper up to 55 feet.

Be on the lookout for ridges, humps, and long Lake points. the baitfish moves to these areas because of the warmer temperatures and the bass fish follows them there.

4. Use electronics

If you have any electronics, you should use them in deep waters. Use them to help you find the prime areas filled with baitfish as well as bass.

Use the map of the Lake as well as your depth finder to identify places with ridges and humps. Next, use your electronics to help you figure out the depth at which the baitfish are hanging out. This is the perfect place to begin fishing.

It is important to understand that you might not see the bass on your electronics. But, you should be able to see the structure as well as the baitfish which will help you understand where the bass fish are located.

5. Move your bait slowly

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of moving your bait slowly during winter bass fishing. As stated above the baitfish and the foliage that the fish are eating at this time of the year are all lethargic. They are all moving very slowly and have erratic movement.

If you move the bait too fast or jerk it quickly, it will look out of place under these conditions. The bass is looking for foliage and baitfish that are struggling to stay alive. Therefore, your bait needs to behave and looks similar to them.

If you want to get a bite you need to focus on your movements make them slow and methodical.

It is also important to note that during the winter months the bite is subtle compared to the warmer months. If you’re distracted or not paying attention you will miss the bite.

6. Dress properly

Dressing properly is one of the most underestimated winter bass fishing tips. You need to dress warmly as you go out to fish during winter. You need to have your thermals as well as your layers of clothing and rainproof jacket. You need to be fully prepared in case the weather turns bad.

Hypothermia can get to you even if you don’t fall into the cold water. When you are warm and comfortable during winter bass fishing you will be able to focus and concentrate which increases your chances of success.

7. Be patient

I cannot finish this list of winter bass fishing tips without emphasizing the importance of being patient and focused. During the cold months, you will not get as many bites compared to the warmer months. The bites are always few and far between.

During the summer you have higher chances of catching fish even if you’re not patient. Winter bass fishing can be explained as slow fishing. Check this post on 100 Funny Fishing Quotes.

Trust me on this one. Getting distracted is very easy, especially if you have gone for an hour or so without a bite.

You will be easily distracted by a buddy who wants to talk, the radio, or just staring at the shoreline. And just as I mentioned above you will miss that very subtle bite.

Final thoughts

Winter bass fishing can be very rewarding for those who are patient. The fish are big at this time of the year and you can catch some of your biggest fish during this time.

I hope you found this post on the best winter bass fishing tips helpful. If so, please share it, it really helps me out. Also, follow me on Pinterest for more useful posts on fishing.

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