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These Black Crappie facts and fishing will help you understand them as well as get better at fishing them. The fish are sometimes called Calico Bass Fish and are members of the Sunfish Family. These fish are immensely popular. One of the places where they are particularly popular is Central Maine. This is despite the interesting fact that the majority were artificially introduced into the region.

Black Crappie Behavior

Black crappies are known to be school fish. They like to hang out in groups. Their behavior makes them a favorite of many anglers because they give them a great and fruitful fishing experience.

The Black Crappie is often the next step in fishing for fishermen who are seeking something challenging. Most of these anglers have found success when fishing for Perch which are often found in abundance.

Black Crappie Size

Adult Black Crappies typically grow to around 6-12 inches in length. Their weight when mature ranges between two and three pounds.

Larger Black Crappies can be found in and around Maine. Some of the largest ones that have been caught in the area were 15 inches long and weighing in at over three pounds.

Black Crappie Lifespan

The average lifespan for Black Crappies is about seven years. However, there has been evidence of some Black Crappies that have lived to 15 years. However, this age is not common and most of them die earlier.

Black Crappie Facts and Fishing

Black Crappies loosely resemble bass. However, they have a particularly narrow, deep body shape as well as fin spines.

The fish can also possess different color pigments that range from golden-brown to olive. They also have irregular black patches that can be found all over the sides of the fish.

Black Crappie Habitat

Black Crappies tend to prefer sheltered waters that are away from the main current and tumorous waters. This means that you are more likely to find them in sheltered coves and small bays.

The fish move to these hotspots, particularly during breeding. Fast-moving water is not ideal for breeding.

Black Crappie Fishing

The fish also tend to swim back to deeper waters during the daytime. This is an important note as it should inform you when deciding on the depth to place your lure.

If you want to find success when fishing for Black Crappies, you should try to stick to early mornings or early evenings. During these times the air is relatively cooler compared to other times such as midday when the sun is very hot.

However, if you’re fishing in particularly active waters, you can still catch some black Crappie throughout the day. You just need to be patient.

Black Crappie Bait

You can use a wide range of bait and still get a bite from the Black Crappie. This type of fish can be drawn in using all types of bait.

You can use live bait including tiny worms, minnows, and insects, and get good results. You can also use spoons, jigs, and spinners.

The choice of bait you should use should be determined by the time of year and the prevailing weather conditions. It can also be determined depending on the time of day that you are out fishing for Black Crappie.

During the cold winter months, the water is coldest and the food that the fish go for during this time is struggling to stay alive. As a result, everything seems sluggish.

You can attract and get bites in the winter using live bait or jigs. Just make sure to move them slowly. Check this post on Winter Bass Fishing Tips that can also be applied to Black Crappie winter fishing.

If you decide to hit the waters either at dawn or dusk, you are more likely to fish the Black Crappie in shallower waters compared to fishing for them during midday. Anglers who go for dusk and dawn fishing can use a wider range of lures.

Black Crappie Spots

Most Southern Main waters will contain Black Crappies. Some of the popular spots include Sebago Lake and other stretches of the Belgrade. However, if you’re fishing in any of Southern lakes and rivers, you are likely to come across some Black Crappies.

Black Crappies can also be fund in many other states. Even in states where they are not native because they have been successfully introduced.

Final Thoughts

Black Crappies are great for anglers looking for a challenge. I hope you found this post on Black Crappie facts and fishing helpful. If so, please share it and also follow me on Pinterest for more useful posts on fishing.

Black Crappie Fishing Tips

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