Kayak Fishing Tips

Kayak fishing tips that will help you have an enjoyable fishing trip and not end up frustrated. If you’ve ever tried kayak fishing, chances are it didn’t come very naturally to you.

In fact, if you’re like me, you probably felt pretty awkward and clumsy when throwing your line in the water. It can be a bit of a struggle at first but after some time spent practicing, I’m sure you’ll be an expert in no time!

Kayak Fishing Tips

When fishing from a kayak, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to pick a spot. If you don’t have any spots around your house or local lake, try finding one online.

Kayak Clearance

Kayaks can vary quite a bit in length and width so it’s very important to be aware of how high you can cast your line without hitting any branches or other obstructions.

If the lowest branch on a tree is 2 feet above the water and your kayak is 2.5 feet wide, you’re going to have a bad time.

Water Depth

Be sure the area you select has a depth of at least 2-3 feet so that your bait can make it to the bottom without hanging up on a rock or log. If there are only 1-2 feet of water, you won’t be able to get your line down far enough and it will pretty much be worthless.

Strength Of The Current

If there’s a very strong current in the area you’ve chosen such as a dam, or fast-moving river, then you probably want to find another spot since this will make it extremely difficult to cast your line and catch anything.

If there’s a very strong current, fish will probably be found somewhere where the current isn’t as strong. In fact, almost all types of fish tend to avoid strong currents.

Angler Crowding

This is pretty self-explanatory but if you don’t want to deal with other people in the area while fishing, then maybe find another spot.

A fishing area can be popular especially when anglers are getting hits. On the downside, you have to deal with human traffic.

When fishing with a kayak you might want to avoid such areas. However, the decision is up to you and what you prefer.

Type Of Fish In The Area

Fishing in a kayak gives anglers some flexibility by allowing them to fish both at the shoreline as well as offshore.

You have to decide what type of fish you are after. This will be useful when deciding where to fish as well as what equipment to bring with you on your fishing trip. The information is especially important because there is limited room in a kayak.

If you’re fishing for bass, then find a place with some nice shoreline cover like weeds or lily pads where they could be hiding. If you want catfish, try looking around submerged trees or other chunks of wood (a good catfish hole always has wood nearby).

Safe Fishing Area

It’s very important that you feel comfortable while fishing in a kayak. When fishing from a boat you can venture into questionable areas. However, when using a kayak, you need to be extra careful.

If there are poisonous snakes or other dangerous animals in the area, find somewhere else! Some common sense is necessary when choosing an area to fish from a kayak.

Plan Ahead

Plan your fishing trip properly before you set off. This sounds like basic information but some anglers overlook the basics and end up with a less than satisfactory experience.

Get everything you’ll need ready before you ever leave the shore. Your basic fishing gear should include the following, Poles, bait, hooks, bobbers, pliers, tackle, snacks, sunscreen, drinking water, and sunglasses

Since your kayak isn’t very big, it’s probably better to pack everything properly. Keep everything within reach because moving around in a kayak can be challenging especially for beginner kayak anglers.

Kayak Fishing Tips

Kayak fishing is not for all anglers. If it doesn’t work out the first time you try it, you can practice until you get it right or you can give up and go for a boat.

The whole idea is to enjoy fishing. I hope this post on kayak fishing tips gives you some ideas that you can implement in your next kayak fishing trip. Don’t forget to follow Fish Basics Pinterest for more fishing tips.  

Kayak Fishing Tips for beginner anglers

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