Bass Fishing In The Rain how to

Bass fishing in the rain can be one of the most fulfilling fishing experiences if you know what you’re doing. Some anglers avoid fishing in the rain because they are not able to get bites despite weathering the unfavorable weather conditions. 

Bass Fishing in the Rain

Fishing for bass in the rain is a great idea. This is because you have a chance of getting more bites compared to other times. 

The bass is significantly more active during the rain and feeds more. This means that if you have the right bait and set you will catch some bass. 

Use Surface Fishing

When bass fishing in the rain, use topwater lures or near-surface lures. The bass is moving quickly and will be attracted to surface lures. 

The bass feeds more because of the reduced barometric pressure from the rain. The cloudy skies also reduce the amount of light that penetrates the water. 

The dark sky increases the strike zone and the bass will move to bite a lure that is not directly on top of them. 

You can use buzz bait or jitterbug and throw it in the direction that is lighting up. The bass is also increasingly attracted to a bait that is accompanied by some noise. 

Look Out for Runoff

When bass fishing in the rain, look out for places where the runoff flows into the water body. Pay particular attention to where surface runoff and mud lines flow into the pond, river, or lake. 

The runoff brings with it nutrients from the soil it was flowing over and deposits them at the point where it enters the large water body. 

Baitfish move to these locations to feed on the nutrients. As a result, bass fish follow the baitfish in these spots to feed on them.  

Another reason to look for runoff water is that it’s cloudy and muddy. This means that you can disguise yourself and not be seen by the fish. 

If you are fishing on land the fish will not see your shadow. If you are fishing on a boat, the fish will not spot your boat and get spoked. 

Increased Bass Activity 

When it rains, bass becomes more active compared to when it’s not raining. The bass feeds more when it’s cloudy and rainy. 

Because the fish are more active, you must be smart and use the information to your advantage.

To get any bites, you need to speed up your presentation. The bass is willing to chase after lures. 

In these types of conditions, you can’t use slow bait. The bass is moving fast and will be attracted to lures that are also moving fast. 

Don’t use slow crankbaits, instead use fast rubber worms or mid-level spinner bait. These types of bait will give the bass a challenge which is what they want. 

Carry different types of bait so that if the fish are not biting one type you can try a different type. If you don’t you might spend hours and end up disappointed.

It is also important to note that the fish also travel fast. Don’t sit in one location for too long. If you are not getting bites, move to a different spot. 

Final Thoughts

When fishing for bass in the rain, always look for runoff areas. The runoff brings lots of nutrients as well as oxygen. Increased oxygen speeds up the bass’s metabolism causing them to want to feed more. Check this post on Winter Bass Fishing Tips.

If you work with the conditions presented by the rain, you can have a great fishing experience. Share the post and also follow me on Fishbasics Pinterest if you love fishing

Bass Fishing In The Rain tips and tricks

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