Fall Lake Fishing Tips

Effective fall lake fishing tips to add to your next fishing adventure. Fall is the time to get out your favorite water poles and bobbers or go fly fishing. I like fall lake fishing because it’s something that interests me personally as an angler.

Fall Lake Fishing

It can be done anywhere there’s a body of water large enough to hold fish, but what makes this period special is the variety of particular species that are available at this time.

Fall Lake fishing is a great way to get out and enjoy the cooler weather. You can find places all over where you can go and try your luck.

There are many species that call fall lake home-like crappie, walleye, largemouth bass, and trophy northern pike. If you know where to go and what time of year it is, these fish will be available for the taking.

Fall Lake Fishing Tips

Fall is a time where the weather changes and the fish behavior changes too. Here are some tips to help you catch more fish

  • Use smaller lures because the water temperature has dropped and there aren’t as many algae in the lake which means that if you tipped your lure with a piece of algae, then fewer fish may take it.
  • With the leaves falling, the trees in the lake shade more of the water so fewer creatures are in it and there are fewer algae. This means that if you tipped your lure with a piece of bread or something else small, then fewer fish would take it because they have less food to go around.
  • With the colder water, the fish behave differently. They are less active so they are harder to catch. stay still in one area of the lake for long periods to let them get used to you being there and come up close enough that you can feel when a fish bites your bait because it looks different from the swaying trees or rocks onshore
  • The fish are also hungrier so it is easier to catch them so you can use different lures. if you were using smaller ones, fit bigger ones on because they will bite anything that moves
  • When there are more trees in the water which creates shade, then there are fewer algae in the water. this means that if you tipped your lure with a piece of bread or something else small, then less fish would take it. because there is less food and the fish aren’t as active, you should cast out and reel in about 2 to 3 times before recasting
  • If you do go out fishing, be sure to take a waterproof container with warm clothes if it is cold outside.
  • Also, pack some snacks so you do not go hungry and plenty of water that is preferably not in a glass bottle as it can break if you fall into the lake.

Rain During Fall Lake Fishing

Water clarity in lakes can also be affected by rainfall. If there has been a lot of rain, then chances are good that the water will be muddy and visibility can be reduced.

This makes it more difficult to fish, but not impossible. If you have a small boat or raft for fishing, then you may wish to take it out at dawn so that the sunlight has a chance to shine through the water and help you see your bait better. Check this post on tips to help you fish with a kayak.

Another option is to float some bread or other small food particles in the water to attract fish. Some species of fish have feeding patterns that are tied closely to sunrise and sunset.

Why Fall Lake Fishing

Fall fishing in lakes is a great way to get outside and enjoy the cool weather. Here is some helpful advice on how you can have a successful fishing trip in the fall.

A good time of year to go fishing in lakes is when the water temperature starts to drop. This happens typically in October but again will vary depending on location.

If other people are familiar with the lake you are fishing, ask them when is a good time to fish for your targeted species in that particular body of water.

Once they tell you when it is typically best, then mark that date on your calendar and prepare yourself for an enjoyable day outside.

Many things can happen while fishing during fall, so do be sure to dress accordingly and prepare yourself for whatever may occur. Follow Fishbasics Pinterest for more fishing posts.

Fall Lake Fishing Tips and Tricks

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