What Do Horseshoe Crabs Eat

Wondering what do horseshoe crabs eat, keep reading. Horseshoe crabs are omnivores that eat a variety of foods. While they may appear to be mostly carnivorous crustaceans, they are in fact more like the humans that feast on them.

What Do Horseshoe Crabs Eat

Horseshoe crabs are able to digest both plants and animals simultaneously. They have the ability to use their two large claws to dig for burrows and stashes filled with food. Their diets also vary depending on season and location; some species will even eat plant matter during certain seasons. Read on for more details on what do horseshoe crabs eat!


Horseshoe crabs are omnivorous and will eat a variety of starfish. Starfish are omnivorous animals that primarily eat algae, but will occasionally eat small plankton and crustaceans.

Horseshoe crabs can find starfish by smelling them with their large noses. They then grab the starfish with their large pincers and crunch it between their sharp teeth. Starfish are important food sources for many animals, including humans.

Humans eat starfish and use their bones in many industries, for different purposes.


Not all horseshoe crabs eat algae. Some of them will prefer eating all the other types of food available to them before they eat any of the algae.

The algae-loving crab is only found in the Southeastern United States and is typically found in estuaries and mangrove swamps. They are able to catch algae using their claws. They dig through the mud and use the craws to bring the algae to their mouths.

Algae-eating horseshoe crabs are one of the rarer species, making up less than 0.5% of all of the species in the United States. Algae are a type of plant that have photosynthetic pigments, and they rely on water to survive.

Algae grow in lakes, ponds, and rivers, as well as coral reefs and beaches. During the summer months, these areas are bright green, thanks to the algae. Algae are also very common in gardens and public parks, as many people keep them as decorations.

Algae are very important for ecosystems, as they produce oxygen through photosynthesis. The Horseshoe crabs that eat algae have plenty of food because algae are always plenty.


Horseshoe crabs will eat a variety of snails. They are able to digest animals, without any problems. The snails that horseshoe crabs eat are mostly herbivorous, feeding on algae, aquatic plants, and other microorganisms found in bodies of water.

Snails are an important food source for many carnivorous animals that live in and around the same habitat. Snails move slowly and are easy prey to most of the predators. Snails contribute to the horseshoe crab’s diet.


Shrimp are an important food source for horseshoe crabs. These animals are aquatic and will eat almost anything that is found in or near water.

Shrimp are mostly herbivorous and will feed on algae and aquatic plants. Shrimps have been known to eat things like leaves, seeds, and even small fish.

Live Squid

Horseshoe crabs are carnivorous and will eat live squid. Their digestive system is able to digest the squid without any problems. Live squid are mostly carnivorous, preying on other small animals, such as snails, shrimp, and fish.

Just like they prey on smaller animals, they are preyed on by horseshoe crabs. Live squid will hunt and capture their prey by sucking water from the river with their stomachs and then trapping their prey in a net made of ink. Live squid are important food sources for horseshoe crabs.

Crabmeat and Other Mollusks

Horseshoe crabs will also eat a variety of dead animals that can be found easily in the habitat they are living in. They eat dead squid and mollusks.

Mollusks, are a category of animals that include snails, clams, and oysters, among other small animals.

Crabmeat and other types of mollusks are seafood, which are animals that live in or near water. These animals are important food sources for horseshoe crabs.

Dead fish also make up part of the horseshoe crab diet. The crabs scavenge for the fish as they move in and around the water bodies. Thie crawls are useful when eating dead fish. They help them break the pieces down into small pieces that they can consume effectively.

Final Thoughts

Horseshoe crabs are omnivorous and eat a variety of foods. They are able to digest both plants and animals, and can even eat dead squid. Horseshoe crabs are typically found in estuaries and mangrove swamps.

In order to survive, horseshoe crabs must eat algae, starfish, snails, shrimp, live squid, dead squid, crabs, dead fish, and plants. In addition to hunting for food, horseshoe crabs are also important for protecting wetlands.

These crabs are able to dig through mud to find food, which makes up part of their diet. Now you know what do horseshoe crabs eat! Follow me on Fishbasics Pinterest for more.

What Do Horseshoe Crabs Eat

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