Yellow Perch Fishing Tips

Best Yellow Perch fishing tips, baits, and lures that will help you catch much fish. Many anglers fish for yellow perch in oceans, rivers, ponds, and lakes and have great success even with little to no experience.

Yellow Perch Fishing Tips

There are many different reasons why people choose to go fishing for yellow perch such as if they simply want to catch a fish for sport or to eat it.

Many fishermen target yellow perch because of how good they taste and that they are a fairly easy fish to catch with little practice.

They are not very picky about what they eat so just about anything will attract them as well as being 1-3 pounds in weight which is the perfect size for cooking.

Yellow Perch Fishing Rigs

The most effective way to catch a yellow perch is by using a fishing rod with either a spinning reel or bait caster reel and fishing line that has either monofilament or braided line.

A rod of six feet in length is sufficient enough for a person to catch the fish successfully and comfortably. The reel should be able to hold at least 100 yards of fishing line, but if more than this amount is available it will not hurt.

Yellow Perch Fishing Baits

With yellow perch being primarily found in freshwater areas such as ponds or lakes, there are three main types of bait that are most effective and commonly used. These include nightcrawlers, minnows, and artificial flies.

Nightcrawlers for Yellow Perch Fishing

Nightcrawlers can be effective in lakes or ponds because they are very easy to use due to them being a worm; it is also fairly inexpensive to buy from bait stores as well as a good source of protein for the fish if it is eaten.

Minnows For Yellow Perch Fishing

Minnows are one of the most effective ways to catch a yellow perch because they will swim near or around rocks, logs, and trees where the fish lives.

They can be used in either fresh or salt water as long as they are alive. Dying minnows are not effective at all when it comes to yellow perch fishing.

Artificial Flies for Yellow Perch Fishing

Artificial flies are also very effective as bait for catching yellow perch. Flies can be found in many different sizes, colors, and levels of realism such as the size of a bumblebee or small enough to look like a little wasp.

These should always be used with a bobber when fishing because it helps attract the perch and gives it a visual target to strike at.

Yellow Perch Fishing Lures

Many fishermen use lures when trying to catch fish such as yellow perch, but they are not very effective compared to live bait like the three types listed above.

Many anglers say that you can tell if a fish is biting your lure because there will be vibrations in the fishing rod when this happens.

However, if you were to use a lure as bait and get several bites but failed to reel in any fish then it is best to cut your line because you are wasting time and energy with little fish.

In addition to lures, another type of artificial bait that can be used for fishing yellow perch is spoons. Spoons are a great bait for catching yellow perch because they work best in clear water, give the fish a nice target to see and bite at, and are fairly easy to cast with a fishing rod.

Best Places for Yellow Perch Fishing

One of the most common places where people go fishing for yellow perch is on or near dams because they are in deep water and provide lots of shade.

Some other common places that fishermen go to catch yellow perch are near rocks, stones, fallen logs, or close to vegetation because they like to live in these areas.

Best Time For Yellow Perch Fishing

Yellow Perch fish can be found all year long when there is a body of water with an abundance of food for them but the best time to catch them varies depending on location.

For example, in the springtime they can be caught by using minnows because of their spawn season; during that time, they will bite at anything that moves to protect their babies and also provide themselves with food after being locked up for months without eating.

In the winter months, it is best to use nightcrawlers, flies, or spoons because minnows are not very effective in cold weather. This is when yellow perch feed on crawfish and other creatures that can be found underneath the ice.

Yellow Perch Fishing Tips

Fishing for Yellow perch is one of my favorite activities. It is one of the fish that you catch easily especially after you can some experience.

I hope the information in this post on Yellow Perch fishing tips encourages you to go catch some yellow perch. Don’t forget to follow me on Fishbasics Pinterest for more fishing posts.

Yellow Perch Fishing Tips baits and lures

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