Fly fishing how to tips

Fly fishing how-to tips that will help you learn everything about this method of fishing. It is a fun and interesting way of fishing. However, it’s different from other types of fishing that use worms and lure as bait. In fly fishing, the fishermen use artificial flies that are made using different materials such as yarn, feathers, fur, or foam.

The artificial fly is tied to a hook and used to attract different types of fish. The flies used in this type of fishing can either be made or bought. Every person has their type of fly that they like. The choice mostly depends on what each individual is comfortable using.

Just like with all other types of fishing, beginners have to learn the art of fly fishing. Basic training will allow the newcomer to gain basic skills that they can build on and develop over time.

Fly Fishing How To Tips

Dry Fly Fishing

There are different types of fly fishing. The most common and most effective is the Classic Dry Fly Fishing. In this type of fly fishing, the artificial fly is first attached to the hook. It is then cast on the water and allowed to float on the surface. The fish are attracted to the fly as it rests on the water surface. They rise to the surface to take the fly.

After the fish has taken the fly bait, you then use the fly rod to make sure the fish doesn’t spit the fly ad getaway. Get the fish tight enough and pull it into a net.

One of the awesome things about fly fishing is that you get to see all the action. This is one of the things that makes the sport popular and enjoyable. Waiting for the fish to strike is also part of the fun. Although the fly remains floating on the surface, it is very much visible to the fish under the surface of the water.

It’s important to note that some types of fish including trout prefer to feed underwater. This means that in these cases you will not see the fish take the fly on the water surface.

Wet Fly Fishing

Wet Fly Fishing is the second type of fly fishing. In this type of fly fishing, the bait is weighted and sinks beneath the surface of the water. This is different from dry fishing where the bait floats on the surface of the water.

After the fly is cast out into the water, it sinks. The fish that are swimming below the surface are attracted to the bait and strike it.

Once they strike it, you can feel and see the movement on the rod even though all the action is taking place below the water surface.

Nymph Fishing

Nymph fishing is also one of the common types of fly fishing. In nature, nymphs are formed when eggs are laid by flies’ hatch in lakes or streams. After the nymphs are hatched, they rise to the surface where they are targeted by different types of fish. The nymphs that get to the water surface can reach maturity and turn into flies that will continue the life cycle.

Nymph fishing requires the use of fake nymphs. these artificial nymphs need to be weighted to prevent them from floating to the surface. Just like real nymphs, you want the fake nymphs to remain underwater to attract the fish.

In Nymph Fishing all the action is beneath the water surface. You need to be alert because you will not see the fish move towards the bait or when it’s about to strike it so that you can prepare to pull it out.

Types of Fish Caught With Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing can be used to catch most of the common fish types. If you want to be successful using fly fishing, go after salmon, trout, chars, and other types of game fish.

Most people are successful in catching trout. This is because they can be found easily feeding on small insects in shallow waters. Although it’s a challenge, people who live near the coast also use fly fishing to catch salmon. Salmon fly fishing is also a challenge because of the weight of some of the fish.

FLY Fishing As a Sport

Over the years, Fly Fishing has become a popular sport among men and women who love fishing. People who view fly fishing as a sport don’t just get the thrill when the fish is caught.

However, they relish the whole process from preparing the flies, learning the different skills as well as waiting patiently for the fish to take the bait.

Fishermen who have perfected the art cannot get away from the practice. They find it very relaxing and a great way to pass time and relieve stress.

The nature and practice of Fly Fishing also make it attractive to all types of people including the elderly as well as the beginners. Fly Fishing is also considered environmentally friendly compared to other fishing methods. In general, the method does less harm to the fish.

People who are deep into fly fishing find it addictive. They are always in search of quiet streams and secluded beaches. Some even release the fish back into the water after catching it, especially if the fish are small.

Final Thoughts

Fly Fishing is a great method of catching fish for both beginners as well as those who are experienced. To be successful, make sure you have the right equipment. Also, consider the area where you are fishing as some areas are more suitable than others.

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