Best Oregon Surf Fishing Spots

The best Oregon surf fishing spots can be subjective depending on what you’re looking for as well as the angler’s experience. However, most of the places along the Oregon coast are pretty good.

Best Oregon Surf Fishing Spots

Of course, these spots are not secret, they’re all public spots. Anyone can access them and do some fishing.

Most of them have public parking spots while a few of them are flat and allow driving along the beach.

If you are a beginner or want to polish up on surf fishing check this post on the best surf beach fishing tips and tricks.

Surf Fishing Gearheart

Starting up north in the seaside is Gearheart Sunset Beach. It starts from Fort Stevens down to Seaside. It is a consistent surf fishing spot.

There is beach access near the Gearheart golf course. You can drive all along the beach and the beach is fairly flat.

 It’s a very beautiful beach, it’s probably one of my favorite spots to go to. An important tip when you are fishing: if you make five or ten casts and you don’t get a catch for 10-20 minutes move around.

Don’t feel discouraged, the fish are mobile and don’t stay in one spot. If one spot is not giving you any bites, move north or south go about 50 feet further away.

One good thing about Gearheart is that you can drive along the beach. There is also a lot of beach space giving anglers different spots to catch fish.

Surf Fishing Barview Jetty

Barview Jetty is in Barview not far from Garibaldi. This has been a popular fishing ground for many years.

It’s a pretty good fishing spot I have yet to get skunk at Barview. When you fish there, just use power bait and you will do pretty good at catching surf perch.

There’s a free parking spot next to the public beach. You can just walk on the beach and you can fish all along the beach.

You can’t drive on to the beach though. However, walking is easy as this Beach is fairly flat. If one spot is slow just leapfrog up the beach.

Another good thing about Barview is that if surf fishing is not working for you, there is a section where you can try rock fishing.

Lots of people fish along the jetty. You can catch different types of fish including Linc, Hawk Rockfish, Cabazon among others.

Surf Fishing Tierra Del Mar

Tierra Del Mar is just north of KP Wanda’s State Natural Area. There is a small entrance to the beach that you can use to gain access to the beach and drive along.

Drive down south along the beach and you can fish all along the beach.  This is a favorite spot for surf fishing and is relatively popular with many anglers.

I have caught some of my biggest fish here at Tierra Del Mar. If you come prepared you will get bites.

Surf Fishing Lincoln City

Lincoln City beach is still a popular fishing spot for some anglers. However, most people including myself, no longer visit the place as much as we used to.

When I get down there the place, I go to is on 35th Street. If you decide to fish the roads, just be careful I think that might be marine protected (MP) areas.  Make sure to check the regulations.

All the MP areas will have written signs that state that there’s no fishing allowed. Always double-check to avoid getting into trouble.

I go to 35th Street where fishing is allowed and there is also a parking lot right next to the beach.

The beach is decent for fishing. Another thing about Lincoln City is that there’s a lot of hotels so it gets a lot of foot traffic.

The beach is also kind of steep so be careful. I don’t like fishing on a steep beach because it’s pretty dangerous.

When a surf crashes onto the beach, it goes up the beach pretty fast and it also comes down pretty fast too. If you’re not careful it could pull you in, so just be careful.

Surf Fishing Gleneden

Gleneden is also a great fishing spot. It is located south of 35th Street Lincoln City Beach. However, the spot has a steep beach so you need to be careful.

Fishing Rock

Fishing Rock is just south of Lincoln City. It has a public parking spot and you can follow the trail as it meanders through lots of trees and it goes down to the beach.

This beach is also a little steep so be careful you know from the rock. You can move all along the beach and fish.

Surf Fishing Newport

Newport is one of my old fishing grounds. I used to go there all the time. I have had great trips fishing on this beach. However, in recent times, it’s no longer the same.

There used to be a pile of rocks that extended into the ocean like a small jetty. However, it is no longer there. I have had double and triple casts here.

It is another place you can check out when surf fishing in Oregon. There’s a public parking spot right next to the beach.  

They also held a surf fishing tournament at Newport before and people caught fish. So, you could try your luck all along this Beach.

Best Oregon Surf Fishing Spots list

Lost Creek Surf Fishing

To get to Lost Creek you go south across the 101 bridge. There’s a public spot with a public parking spot. Follow the trail from the parking and go down to the beach.

It has always been kind of consistent but it has also gone down a little bit over the years. Some beaches have a lot of foot traffic and anglers tend to avoid them. Lost Creek has foot traffic but not so much.

Ona Beach Surf Fishing

Ona Beach is one of my favorite spots. We also have had surf fishing tournaments here.  Right along the cliff, there are some rocks where you can fish.

It is a good spot and people do well along the Ona Beach. Do give it a try and you will most likely like it too.

Horsfall Surf Fishing

There are a lot of fishing spots along the beach as you go south. But Horsfall is one of my favorites as go south.

Horsfall is right here in Coos Bay. As your heading south across the 101 bridge, you want to take that right no Trans-pacific lane then you take Horsfall beach road.

There is a public parking spot where you can then proceed to the beach. This is a good beach which is also very popular for surf fishing.

Bullards Surf Fishing

Bullards is a pretty good beach. The beach here is kind of steep, but it’s not super steep. I do not recommend getting into the water.

Stand on dry ground, because the waves coming up and going back down can be pretty rough. They will pull you under and it’s best to be safe.

Bullards Beach is a good one and lots of people post pictures from this beach online.

Final Thoughts

There are very many surf fishing spots all along the Oregon beaches. I wouldn’t be concerned about finding which beach is best.

I would be concerned about picking the right tide and the right weather condition. Make sure the swell is not too rough and is between 1 to 4 feet so that is safe.

Also, be proactive and don’t remain in one place too long if they are not biting. One beach can be great one time and the next time you go there you get skunked.

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